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Accessories and equipment

Parking system

Hardware features:
  • RS232, RS485, RJ45 (LAN)
  • Color display screen 64*128 pixel, displaying speed, batteries charge, number of parked cars
  • Contactless card system prCompatible with standard keyboards as input device
  • Compatible with thermal printer with automatic cutter
  • Compatible with security camper and plate number camera
  • Compatible with customer digital display for displaying parking charge
  • Compatible with dynamic board for displaying parking space, direction and remaining credit and batteries charge
  • In case of LAN connection no PC is required in parking lot
  • Controlling several entrance and exit gates
  • Remote controlled gate
  • Paint tag on wind shield for controlling traffic to parking
Car gate
Capacity board to be installed in istreet
Dynamic board
Long range card reader
Charge digital display
Smart switch
Car tag
Parking lock