UAS organizational portal
UAS Organization Portal

Yas Portal a web based application introduced by Jahan Gostar Co. as an easy solution for designing personal and commercial portals. This software is a powerful tool for designing dynamic and static web site.

Considering its unique features, the software enables you to design your most secure and highly dynamic web site or just a simple friendly web site. Resulted portals are compatible with all standard browsers.

Yas comprehensive portal comprises of two sections (Content Management System “CMS”) in charge of developing portal and web site designing and (software main core) which actually in charge of up loading designed portal.

CMS section is a advanced visual content management system (VCMS) with designed based on creating and arranging Portlets. In fact, operator can place Portlets at the page just by “drag and drop” action, and see the result on web browser.

Our web solution, a major step toward international market
Website designing is our business. By designing your own website you will have an effective way to interact with your clients and partners. We are quite aware that information effective management is a rooted in web site designing and online users’ experiences, also we need to establish good corporation with your company or organization and receive end users feedback.

This product is available with 6 month free support and 10 years Gahan Gostar after-sale services.