Automatic Positioning
Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

Thousands and thousands cars used each day in cities, right know there is no way to track all cars moving in a city online, and it is hard to monitor all car driver who breach traffic rules, breaches such over speed, deriving in prohibited areas, long stop, driving not between lanes, and etc.. Automatic Vehicle Location System enables managers of urban traffic management to monitor cars and meet public bus system management requirements.

Bus Central Controller Device (BCC):

As mentioned in AFC section, in addition to deducting fare and recording financial reports, the device beacon position of the bus. Positioning is based on GPS and GPRS system. BCC uses GPS technology for positioning bus and transmit the data using GPRS. Data gathered by GPS system is also recorded and data transmission can be done through WLAN and WiMax system as well.

Automatic Vehicle Location Software-monitoring ALVS:
This software reports exact position of bus on a map with other additional information such as speed. This is the heart of the system. Bus movement is quite clear in the system. Any unusual movement can be tracked down, and warning and guiding messages generate automatically.