Learn about Saja
Bus Automation System (SAJA)

Them main objective of this system is to replace smart credit card with cash and equip urban bus system with credit card payment and provide an integral management system for all affairs of public transportation. Considering population growth and increasing air pollution in megacities and even average population cities, necessity of a comprehensive transportation system is much clearer. This is even of more importance for developing country like Iran which has taken serious steps of developing its urban transportation system.
Nowadays necessity of a bus system which insures safe and easy transportation and also possibility for credit payment electronic service management is agreed by all urban managers. Other developed countries have walked toward this end for several years, so that while leaving their personal cars in garage, people have easy access to public transportation system.

Jahan Gostar Co. as a highly experienced company on implementing automation systems, especially for campus, large frame, and organization is honored to introduce it specially designed automation system for bus transportation system. We believe that having good cooperation with bus system authorities we can assure provision of high quality and safe transportation system which will meet all public demands regarding transportation system.
The main goal of the system is to extend intelligent public transportation system, so that all decision will be made automatically and operations only need to supervise the whole process. Thus public transportation system can enjoy the same auto pilot system which is common in feature is airline industries.

The system is currently running in Kerman, Kashan and Rasht public transportation system.

Advantages of Jahan Gostar public transportation system: