Different parts of the system
Different parts of the system

Regarding different operations conducted in public bus transportation system, the system is designed to meet all hardware and software requirements for the whole process aiming to economize costs and faster and more reliable services. Tasks like issuing and recording fairs, bus positioning and etc. has their specific software and hardware system. It is noticeable that subsystem acts independently from the whole system and failure or one subsystem causes no trouble for the remaining of the system. In addition implementing the whole system provides more accurate and easily accessible reports from each subsystem.
SAJA system comprises several discrete system. Following table lists classification of SAJA system:

SAJA Classification:
Automatic Fare Collection System AFC
Bus Door Device BD
Bus Central Controller Device BCC
Card Money Information Display CMID
Card Money Increment with POS CMIPOS
Card Money Increment with Money CMIM
Card Money Increment with Person CMIP
Group Saving Device GSD
Card Money CM
Automatic Fare Collection Software AFCS
Tariff System TS
Tariff Recorder Device TR
Handheld Event Recorder Device HER
Tariff Management Software TMS
Automatic Vehicle Sending Software AVSS
Automatic Vehicle Location System AVL
Bus Central Controller Device BCC
Automatic Vehicle Location Software AVLS
System Monitoring Equipments  SME
Passenger Information Service System PIS
Line Display in WEB LDW
InterBus Display Device IBD
Bus Station Display Device  BSD
Information Kiosk IK
SMS Communication SMSC
Vehicle Maintenance System VM
Bus Information Device BID
Maintenance Software MS
Access Control System AC
Access Control Gates ACG
Personnel Management System PMS
Personnel Time Attendance PTA
MoneyCard System MC
Money Card Issuing System MCIS
Money Card Vending Machine CMVM
Intelligent Signalling System IS
Intelligent Signalling System ISS
MoneyCard Purse MCP
Card Money as Purse CMP
Server Room SR
Intelligent Transport System Server ITSS
Electronic City EC
Website WS