Automatic Fare collection system


AFC system undertake all financial process regarding passenger credit card payment. The system is suitable replacement of ticket system, and provide managers of public transportation system with variety of statistics and function reports and diagrams regarding each bus deriver financial turnovers and bill issuance.

AFC system comprises of following sections:

Bus door device for charging the fare (BD90):

The device can be installed at bus entrance; its main task to charge the fare. The system is compatible with special display which can be attached at top of the device. The display screen show amount of fare and balance of passenger account and alarm any error in transaction. Each BD system is equipped with a board which lets passenger to find bout amount of fare and their account balance. Moreover, the system can be equipped with audio alarm system.

Bus Central Controller Device (BCC80)::
The device is installed near bus deriver, which provide variety of controlling option including:

Card Money Information Display (CMID):
Passengers need to have access to their card account reports to make sure of system security. To this end when passenger holds the card before card reader, designated display on the device show amount of fare deducted and account balance.

Passengers Card Money Increment with POS (CMIPOS):
This device connecting to a bank POS system enables passenger to increase their credit by a valid credit card through transferring money to SAJA’s account.

Card Money Increment with Money (CMIM) with no need for operator intervention:
The system equipped with a module which recognize Iranian bills and enables passenger to increase their account balance by cash.

Card Money Increment with Person (CMIP):
The system is capable for increasing credit of and observing financial turnover. The system generally comes with a keyboard for as input device used by an operator and all transactions are recorded and accessible. The system is compatible with P89 and P60 display and DS5 printer.

Card Money:
As the name implies, this card is replacing cash money in our pocket. This card is compatible and usable in other urban credit system as some are mentioned in other tabs. Passenger can purchase a card money and make their payments by holding the card before automatic fare collection in a distance less than 5cm. Considering the amount charged in each card is not much, and amount of bus’s fare is not also considerable, there is no need to enter user password for each transaction. Card money system is selected in compliance with international ticketing standards, and each card bears comprehensive information including financial data.
Automatic Fare Collection Software (AFCS) capable of preparing financial reports, and CM management:
This is the centerpiece of the system and its accuracy directly effects on whole system operation. Some of features are: Note: systems equipped with positioning software can also track passengers based on identified stations and also identifying crowded stations in specific time frame.