Self-service automation
Self-service automation

This application is a set of software/hardware, designed based on intelligent contactless cards.

Design objectives:
  1. Optimizing payment and collecting process
  2. Optimizing reservation process
  3. Optimizing food delivery process
  4. Increasing self-service, and nutrition department efficiency in academic/university centers and organizations
  1. Saving costs for issuing jetton
  2. No need for having exact change
  3. Optimum workforce management
  4. No waste on time in long queue for payment, reservation and being served
  5. Preventing unauthorized interventions
  6. Minimizing food stuff waste
  7. No need for handling cash money
  8. Minimizing student unnecessary referral
  9. No need for cooking extra quota and easy access to exact statistics

Economic Justification:

Thus far, majority of academic facilities have installed and commissioned dining hall automation system and enjoyed 20-40% saving in costs (comparing old paper jetton system). In other words, all installation and commissioning costs will be covered within first months. For example, suppose a campus need to serve 500 students and staffs, considering 20% saving in costs and subsidy for every meal (Rls.12.000) we have:

500(daily service) 20% 100 (reduction in daily service) * Rls.12000 =
Rls.1.200.000 total realized saving in costs

= (Daily savings)1.200.000 × (Useful number of days in month)25
Thus monthly saving considering 25 business days per month is: Rls.30.000.000

Other noticeable advantages are: economizing limited financial resources provided by state; economizing non-subsidy expenditure, preventing cash flow loss, saving costs for printing and issuing jetton and staffs. Taking into account average costs of installing and commissioning the system and dispersion of dining hall in such facilities, on average base all costs will be recovered within 2 months.

Dining hall automation systems provide two servicing methods:
  1. Ordering through reservation system
    Users in this method need to reserve their meals at least one day in advance, and then refer to the dining facilities.
  2. Ordering through restaurant system (bar)- online reservation and servicing
    Users in this method will refer to dining hall and choose from food menu.