Food delivery methods
Food delivery methods

Meal serving can be done in two ways: (Meal serving system and portable meal serving system)

Meal serving system TG80

The system need to installed in dining hall and student will hold their card in front of card reading interface to let the system announce whether the user has reserved a meal or no. the system can announce the status of the card through following ways:
  1. Through connecting the system to receipt printing machine
  2. Screen display, which shows status of the card
  3. Status lights
  4. By holding a card which has reservation the system will alarm a confirm sound “Dign Dang”

  1. Built in memory: for recording reservation data so that upon any disconnection to central computer, the system will be able to work in Offline mode. The system checks its connection path to central computer upon each transaction and update database on the central computer. The system is able to work in Offline mode for one week
  2. Displaying last 7 transaction on screen, this feature is very helpful in case any dispute between referral and operator
  3. Displaying number of served meals, exact time of transaction and connection status
  4. Side dish option: salad, carbonated drinks, dessert and etc.
  5. Logging served meal and referral information
  6. Delivering two meals at same time (dinner and breakfast, sahar and eftari)
  7. Cards classification (student using dormitory, students in hotels, other accommodations under coverage and etc.)
  8. Issuing receipt

Portable meal serving system (TGS80)
The system is proper for places which served by food delivery services, this system is proper for subsidiary sections which served in place.

In addition to features mentioned for TG80 system:
  • Built in memory which enables the system to work offline
  • Built in UPS

Accessories :

Display Screen DS5: for displaying number of served meals

      Status lights:
      Three lights: displaying served meals

                Jet ink printer