Methods of food reserve
Methods of food reserve

By charging credit card and having enough credit holder of the card may reserve meals. Methods for reservation:

Reservation through reservation system (RG80)

This system is designed specifically for meal reservation. Users need to reserve a meal at least 24hrs. in advance and also reserve for next weeks as well.


  1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sahari-Eftari for the week or coming weeks
  2. Ordering at meal time
  3. Reservation for services in different dining halls
  4. Taking reservation back before deadline
  5. Identifying and announcing card status (unauthorized, invalid and lost cards and etc)
  6. Displaying balance, name and personnel number of the holder
  7. Choosing from a menu for each meal (standard, special, dietary and etc.)
  8. Receipt print

Reservation in the Internet

How to use:
first user need to have an access to WEB interface of the institution and sign in by providing username and password, enter in reservation interface and make reservation from the menu and their credit

  1. Accessible at any time any where
  2. No need for physical presence

Reservation through SMS

How to use:
users can send SMS by cell phone for reservation. Reservation can be done in tow ways:

Using cell phones compatible to use operating system:
Reservation can be done by sending a set of codes (as mentioned in user guide pamphlet) to institution SMS service number.

Using cell phones without operating system:
Users need to prepare and install an special application on their cell phone for sending reservation SMS, by installing the application, cell phone will display and menu and acts as a reservation system, orders will be send through SMS

  1. No need for physical presence
  2. Accessible at any time any where

  1. SMS receiving software
  2. 1 set of GSM Modem
  3. Cell phone