Increased funding methods
Increased funding methods

When a card is issued the holder need to charge in before being able to reserve or buy food. Followings are methods for charging up a card:

Intelligent credit machine A80 and computer (cash payment)

This system is usually installed beside operation post to identify referrals cards. By holding card near the machine (contactless), the machine will be able to read and transfer to operator’s monitor, information stored in the card. Operator then may charge the card.

Portable intelligent credit machine with no need to computer (cash payment
The system establish communication with central controller computer with permission provided by an operator who is able to charge cards, without any need to access main computer. Operator will collect money from student and charge the by pressing keys “F1” to “F6” (which are functioned to charge the card to fix amount) and confirm key. By completing operation, the system will issue a receipt. This system may be installed on designated posts or bank branches in campus.

Through unchangeable credit cards
Through automatic portable intelligent credit system (ASA80) (chargeable card)

This system can work as a standalone station and able to issue receipt to use this system users need to buy credit ticket from designated places and charge their credit card by inserting voucher number in to the system. Reliability of the operation is ascertainable by provided reports by the system.

  1. System needs no direct operator
  2. No need for users presence to charge cards
  3. Cards are chargeable via SMS
  4. Cards are chargeable via Internet
  5. Credit ticket are not chargeable and should be throw away after using voucher number

Through ATM cards and POS machines + bank AB80

How to use:

first user should slip the POS card into POS machine and insert the amount into the machine, afterward punch user code to let the cash transferred to institute’s account. Then the user will hold automation card before the reserving system and let the credit transferred to user’s card.

  1. A current state account provided with Internet services
  2. Providing IP Invalid

The system comprises of following items:

  1. Bank credit charger
  2. POS system
  3. Electrical shock Protection
  4. Connecting cables

  1. No need for human intervention
  2. Card charging without need to users referral
  3. No need to cash handling

Charging in the Internet

How to use: first user need to have an access to WEB interface of the institution and sign in by providing username and password, afterward inserts credit card number (unchangeable card number), and fills in space provided for password, amount of transaction. By transferring the amount user’s automation card will be charged up.

  1. Electrical shock Protection
  2. Connecting cables
  1. No need for human intervention
  2. Card charging without need to users referral
  3. No need to handing cash

Institutions which do not use automatic charging system, may utilize automation software for negative credit in this way, monthly bills will be effected on salary of the personnel.