Ticket issuing procedures
Ticket issuing procedures

This system is a proper option for services, which provide more than of option and users do not need to reserve their meal. The system provide bar services.

Features of coffee bar system:

Options to choose from a menu by coffee bar system (T80)

Coffee Bar system T80 and automatic Coffee Bar system TA80
This system is proper for coffee bars and dining hall which provide a menu to referrals and there is no need to reservation. The system can work in T80 and automatic TA80 modes.

T80 optional coffee bar system:
Users may choose from a menu of meals and dessert in restaurant

TA80 automatic coffee bar system:
The system provides an specific menu of meals and desserts for each group of referrals


Receipt printer and automatic cutter

Options to choose from a menu by Portable coffee bar system TS80

Portable coffee bar system TS80
This system provide services like stationary coffee bar system the only different feature is that the system is able to record information of served meal in a built in memory and issue receipt with its built in printer. Saved data is readable by a computer. The system is complete independent and proper for with facilities with high dispersion.