Tariff System (TS)

Each bus system district issues specific schedule for morning and evening shifts for each deriver which determine working time for each deriver. The tariff detailed schedule for each bus including information exact time each bus should leave from origin and reach its destination, carwash reservation, bus reservation and etc.. At the end of each working day, tariffs gathered from all deriver and collected in bus terminal. Tariff Subsystem is designed to meet following hardware and software requirements:

Tariff Recording Device (TR):
This device records tariffs.

Handheld Event Recorder Device (HER):
This device records event by line controller operator.

Tariff Management Software (TMS):

Based on commands from Automatic Vehicle Sending Software the software manages tariff cards of derivers

Automatic Vehicle Sending Software (AVSS):
This software export data from other software working under SAJA system to make optimum decisions for dispatching buss. This is the centerpiece of SAJA smart bus management. To this end a set of rules is defined in the system to make decision based on provided data.