Public information
Passenger Information Service System (PIS)

This subsystem is in charge of providing information required by the passenger, it is acting as pivotal point for cultural efforts in public. PIS system includes following sections:

Line Display in Web (LDW):
Passengers are provided with information such as probable arriving time to each stations and have a better chance for planning ahead.

Inter-bus Display System (IBD):

A display installing in each bus which shows information such probable arriving time.

Bus Station Display Device (BSD):
Installed in bus stations the display shows estimate waiting time in station and passengers have better chance for planning ahead.

Information Kiosk (IK) for providing information such as lines and stations map:
These kiosks are equipped with two LCD displays which show useful information about bus line and also advertisements.

SMS Communication (SMSC)

By sending station code and bus line number, passenger may receive information such as fare rate, waiting time add a list of stations in the line.